Thank you for your interest in my work, which means a lot to me and my seven brothers, who live near you, and are karate experts. Don't be shy to tell me what you think. Praise Jesus! And thank you once again. This is the only anthology I have been asked to submit to. Submit is such a funny word, isn't it? I hope the poems on the death of tubercular infants do not offend you. My sisters had this disease and it is based on actual experience "recollected in solitude" but you know how it goes. Okay, I may have made some of it up. But the pus on the collar is actually true. I saw that. By the way, did you have a chance to check my poetry web site: It is not a sex site, donít worry. He he. I am very interested in the photographs of your wife on your site. Is she really that size? Thank you again and send me a reply in six to seven hours so I can tell the people I live with all about it. I hope I won't have to put my disappointment hat on today. bestest, Des Katboy PS This is a nom de plume. My real name is different. It is Desmond Kattman Jr., but what do you think of Katboy? It makes me think of cats. It gets lots of "lovely ladies" interested at open mics. PPS I am not a SPOKEN WORD PERFORMANCE POET! I am a poet, plain and simple.

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