art: 1. Of the Lost & Megocentricon

Little Meg is a small circle of stones which is most likely the remnants of a long barrow. Ploughing has destroyed the mound which Dymond decribed in 1875 and the 11 stones initially surrounded a cremation in the central kist. The largest stone has only recently been dumped within the “circle”. Constructed 1000 years after the site of Long Meg, ˝ a mile to the west, Little Meg is noted for its magnificent spiral carvings, a rarity in England.
OS: NY.576.375 Tucked out of site, unsignposted, behind a gate, a 300 yard walk on the edge of a field, off the A868 north east of Penrith between Little Salked and Glassonby.

oil on canvas, 14" x 10", 2003, NFS

Difficult to locate and seemingly dumped on the edge of a field, this small site is usually hidden by overgrown scrub. The title of this piece reflects its lack of tending and alludes to the spiral carvings on the fallen stone (pictured furthest right in this view). Another piece where stone details were gleefully carved into the oil. Quite a small and recent image which I rather like, since the title says as much about what I wanted to represent as the hyper-real representation.

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