art: 1. Doll Tor

Technically part of the vast Stanton Moor bronze age landscape, Doll Tor sits to the west of the plateau, around a mile south west from the Nine Ladies stone circle and 200 metres on the same alignment from the overwhelming natural outcrop of the Andle Stone. Doll Tor is an unbanked circle of small stones measuring approximately 20' by 14' in diameter. Excavations by Bateman in 1852 discovered bronze age bucket urns and cups, whilst similar finds were uncovered in the 1931-4 digs by the Heathcotes, along with several cremations in and around the circle. Burl notes that the eastern stone was reworked into the later ring cairn on the site. In the mid 1990s the site was tampered with; fallen stones righted, extra stones erected, cairns being rebuilt and generally everything put where they never actually were. Doll Tor has since been returned as closely as possible to its naturally distressed state.
OS: SK.238.628 From the Birchover to Stanton-in-Peak road south of the A6, walk eastwards (on opposite side of the road from the footpath leading to the Nine Ladies) past a couple of copses to the south of the Andle Stone, and Doll Tor is within the next copse by a drystone wall.

oil on canvas, 14" x 18", 2004, 150

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