On her way back from the library exchanging Millís books - & what a boon for the twee librarian with a stamper - she had Bennie and Bach on the walkman: Singet dem Herrn, as down the streets, ranging platoons of the scum of the place scrawled with a tile cutter blagged from the B and the Q City Suck Cock on the plate glass of the Medical Centreís face; scored. Jed kicked in the Scottie, dog shit splattered his trainers and he wheeled and spat abusive in short words at Minnie. She turned up the volume, sucked chocolate covered mints and stared straight-wise into a closed-up Boots. No good, You: fucker! the dog is in fits from its kicking the chemist has hidden behind his rows of Mum which he keeps stocked up and in front in case as Jed turned and lashed out with his fists as he gets kicks, this fixing of shafting the shits out of women.

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